ActionAid Ireland Turns to Base2Digital for Digital Uplift

Base2Digital, one of the leading Irish digital marketing companies, is proud to announce it is working with ActionAid Ireland, the Irish member of one of the world’s most respected development organisations, for a three month period.

Founder and director Ian Nunoo said: “We’re delighted that one of the world’s top aid organisations has joined our roster of clients. Our aim is simple. We want ActionAid to be even more effective at communicating its message, so that more people in need around the world can be helped.”

Base2Digital will be working on promoting ActionAid Ireland’s newly launched website through online channels so that the site is as effective as possible.

ActionAid’s work is primarily with women and children living in areas of desperate poverty in both Africa and in Asia. Child sponsorship is one key aspect of this work.

For Base2Digital, the task is how to successfully communicate the effectiveness of ActionAid Ireland’s work. ActionAid has a high donation to action ratio with 86.5% of funds raised in 2015 going to charitable activities. This is one aspect of why Base2Digital is excited to work with ActionAid.

ActionAid’s aim is to work with communities over many years to strengthen their own efforts to throw off poverty, taking a human rights based approach to development and social justice.

With Base2Digital’s support, ActionAid will be able to better highlight the effectiveness of its work and the power of each and every individual donation.

ActionAid’s work began in 1972, and from small beginnings, the organisation is now recognised as one of the most effective in working to eliminate poverty, and in particular, child poverty. Harnessing the technological power of a connected world means that the compelling stories of individual women and children lifted out of poverty will reach a still wider audience.

For children in ActionAid Ireland’s partner countries of Malawi, Kenya and Uganda in Africa, and Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal in Asia, the results may prove to be life-changing.

Action Aid Ireland has also taken a rather unusual twist to Christmas fund raising. A professional choir for the Swedish division of Action Aid has made a completely bizarre video by singing carols in the style of goats. Their repertoire includes Silent Night, White Christmas and We Wish you a Merry Christmas, which strangely sound pretty good.

You can watch the video here:

The video might be utterly hilarious, but it’s also got a serious message. ActionAid wants you to buy a goat for someone in need this Christmas.

Goats are an amazing gift because their milk can provide nutrition to the family who owns it. They can also sell off the extra milk for a profit, enabling them to pay for education for their children.

The goats can also be bred and sold on, securing a profitable future.

To find out more visit:

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