Google Shopping is here in Ireland!

So it’s no secret that property prices in Dublin are sky high and for me it’s a choice between a shoe box in crack alley or potentially selling a few body parts and my soul to the dark lord himself to get something that most would consider OK at best. Not really much to get excited about, and more of a indication of a stark reality of buying a property in Dublin. However there was something I got excited about and it was not until I did a search for “Garden flats in Dublin for sale “ that I came across something interesting, and to me something to get excited about. It was a google shopping feed not on mobile, but on a laptop.

Base2Digital Google Shopping

Thinking this was some flash in the pan mistake as has been happening over the last few months, I then googled garden shed and low and behold there it was again even more prominent, and displaying in euros not pounds as some location mistake because I am a Brit who goes back and forth between the UK and Ireland quite a bit.

Base2Digital Google shopping Ireland

Just to be absolutely sure I did the one search which I know is like one of retails meccas for shoppers and being a bloke not something I would ever be shopping for “ Little black dress” and as sure as it’s Christmas there is was!




Google shopping is here! Now if you were to Google “Google shopping Ireland” you would see a list of post and articles being listed. Here the thing we’ve been talking about Google shopping for the last 2 to 3 years and it never came. You think waiting for a new IPhone or Apple watch is bad, thats minor, in comparison!!

The irony is Google shopping is a not a new thing and our UK counterparts have been enjoying this channel for years. In fact I remember years ago when they were called Product listings ads and they were free!

As for myself that I have been excited about Google shopping coming to Ireland for some time as I see so many benefits to SME marketers and one of the main reasons for me for our clients and other marketers to get involved in it is because the platform will be very much a level playing field for advertising on initially and ultimately less saturated than advertising on Adwords in SERP’s for early adopters.

Don’t be left behind and miss out on this opportunity to harness the benefits of Google shopping as a advertising channel. For those of you who don’t know much about it here our guide to Google shopping written so that anybody can understand it.


What is Google shopping?:


Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are essentially ads for online retailers of all sizes that feature on search engine results and in it’s own channel named shopping for relevant terms . these ads or feeds for the main part are text and image based , can appear on the top even before any adverts, or rather prominently in what is now seen as a bit of a void on the right hand side. The channel tab displays all that Google shopping has to offer for your search term and can do some very cool stuff like refining down price, colour and size for example which is great for users experience to show exactly what a user is looking for. Think of it like filters on a products page for Argos. Better yet have a play around with on a retail term “ Hiking boots” you will see the goggle shopping ads and depending on your set up you will see tabs for All, Images and so on and then after Maps there is your tab for shopping, click on it and have a explore. You never know you might see something you like!


How does Google Shopping work?:

A lot of people think ( well actually they don’t think they just see and do) but those who are perhaps individuals  business, family run or just an SME and in charge of their marketing as well a hundred and one other things assume that consumer products appear on Search engine ranking results through an ecommerce site’s own specific markup, and technical wizardry, or through the relative strength of the Google algorithm. This isn’t actually true. It works on a CPC model just like Adwords.


Here’s a short video on exactly how it works from Google:


Success with Google Shopping boils down to three main areas for the most part:

  • Feed creation and optimization – This covers a few things like your product data, product images, and price.
  • Bidding – There are several ways to bid successfully. If you watched the video you will of noted that you don’t have to put in keywords like you do on Adwords, so it’s important you pay for what a click is worth to you. We’ve seen shifts in bidding strategies double the return on ad spend for different campaigns.
  • Monitoring and Optimisation – One of the great enhancements with the new Google Shopping roll out is the ability to see granular performance data and to make granular optimizations. Proper monitoring and optimization can take a good campaign and make it great. This is where we come in our own as a digital marketing agency that focuses on search marketing through PPC and SEO, because it’s not really about search marketing it’s about understanding behavior, and if you can do this well your half way there to a successful campaign!


What are the benefits of Google shopping?:

I have every confidence in Google shopping doing fantastically well in Ireland over the next few months and years to come. I am also looking forward to testing the product in some non traditional industry areas which I feel will do well on providing a return.

I am a fan of Google latest product release and with good reason to be, as I have seen this product in action over 5 years ago and some 7 years ago in it’s previous incarnation before that. Every time I have put a campaign on using this channel the returns have been very positive. In my opinion there are a couple of reasons for that and are very much benefits in favor of Google shopping :


  1. Put your products and brand in the spotlight.
  2. Better Click-Through-Rate
  3. Your Google Shopping ads can perform better than your text-based ads.
  4. Reduced Cost Per Click
  5. Get better qualified enquires
  6. Benefit from broader reach.
  7. Better Return On Investment (ROI)



For more information on Google shopping as an advertising channel and to see how it could benefit you why not get in contact with one of our PPC team who would be happy to help.

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